Charlotte Clements - and Adults in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 5NF

My work is Integrative, which means I am trained to work in different ways; for example using Sand Tray Therapy, Art Therapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy amongst other things, when it feels appropriate.

The young person may use their time in any way they like, as long as the space remains safe. I will follow their lead and communicate with them via the media they have chosen, whatever it may be, including talking, playing or silence.

I'm not going to try and 'fix' anyone; my aim is to create a space for them to explore their view of the world and help them to express themselves in healthier ways.

It is often easier for younger people to express their internal thoughts and dramas through drawing  or writing, or using symbols, pictures and objects, rather than sitting and talking and these sessions give them the opportunity to do just that. 

Once feelings have been expressed verbally or non-verbally they can be talked about more openly, acknowledged, contained and hopefully moved on from.

It is really valuable and important for parents to let go of what they think the process, solutions, and timescales should look like, to respect the process a young person is going through and allow them the time and space to go through it in their own way.

"A child can live through anything provided they are told the truth and allowed to share the natural feelings people have when suffering." Eda LeShan


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