Charlotte Clements -  Psychotherapist in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 5NF

"I just really wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you've done for my daughter. She continues to do really well; she got through her mock exams a couple of weeks ago with no adverse anxiety; she handled a break up with her boyfriend well and is thriving at her job. When she first started coming to see you, she was no longer the daughter I knew, her levels of fear were so great, but now she's bright, funny and relaxed again."
Mother, Somerset.

 "When I saw Charlotte for an initial assessment session I felt very quickly that she would be supportive and understanding and I didn't hesitate to start weekly sessions with her. Charlotte was very kind and patient with me as I got used to the idea of talking about myself in our sessions, which I initially found difficult. 
I found Charlotte to be very good at drawing out key themes from my life experiences that were perhaps giving rise to my feelings of sadness and negativity. She suggested a number of ways of working that we could use to further my understanding and acceptance of things that had happened to me and this has brought me a great deal of comfort. Other positive outcomes of working with Charlotte over several months include a more positive and relaxed relationship with my daughter, who is much happier herself now, vastly improved relationships with my parents, reduced self-criticism and negative thoughts and the resolution of the feelings of grief and loss relating to the death of my sibling.
I would recommend Charlotte unreservedly to anyone seeking therapy or counselling."
Adult Client, North London.

"Charlotte has shown herself to be a consummate professional who always has the needs of the children firmly in her sights. She is reliable and caring, making excellent relationships with children and families. She provides a safe environment with interesting materials through which children can explore their problems and responses to challenges they experience in their lives. She has thought carefully about the provision she makes for the different children and all have benefited from her guidance. Charlotte caters well for all levels of need and is always willing to spend extra time supporting children and families. Parents have also praised her work highly and it is clear from improvements in children's behaviour and attitudes, their confidence and ability to enjoy school, that Charlotte's work has a profound and lasting effect."
Headteacher, North London.

"Charlotte is like the older sister and best friend I never had."
Year 5 child, North London.

"Before I started counselling my life was like a maze, after coming to counselling with Charlotte, it feels like a five star hotel!" 
Year 6 child, North London.

"My husband passed away after a very short illness of 5 weeks. He left behind myself, my son who was 9 at the time and my 5 week old little girl.
It was a very distressing time and I asked my son if he would like to see a counsellor, a few months later he felt he would.
My sister told me she knew a lady called Charlotte Clements who could help. On meeting I found Charlotte very warm and kind. We spoke about what we had been through as a family and if she would agree to see my son once a week at his school which she kindly said she would. 
Before his sessions, my son had a lot of anger and would seem sullen and introvert. After a couple of sessions I noticed a vast improvement in him as he opened up a lot more and seemed happier talking about his Dad and the happy memories we had.
This improvement was definitely due to the counselling sessions he was having with Charlotte. It was very beneficial and has really helped him come out of his shell and he would really look forward to seeing Charlotte once a week.
He was very excited about making a memory jar and he came home with a few papers which we worked on together.
When the sessions finished Charlotte very kindly told me if we ever need her again we can arrange further sessions."
Mother, North London.

"My daughter was 10 years old when my sister took her own life. They were close and it is very confusing for a child to understand the meaning of 'she took her life'.
Since I was grieving, Charlotte supported my daughter by coming to her school.
In one of their sessions they created a memory box, a treasure of memories that she still adds cards and letters to to this day."
Mother, West London.

"His time with Charlotte was pretty much my son's only solace in the school week."
Mother, North London.


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