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Beautiful poem from the Counsellor's Collective Workshop
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Making a memory jar when someone special has died

We had many different experiential weekend workshops in my 5 year training and one that has probably stuck in my mind the most was the one on bereavement.
We had a wonderful man from Winston's Wish running it and he taught us how to make a memory jar.
We began by thinking of 5 different memories/feelings about someone we knew who had died and assigned a colour to each memory.
After filling a jar with salt we then tipped it out again into five different piles, each pile represented a memory/feeling and could be as big or small as we liked.
We then chose a different coloured chalk, to represent each of the five different memories and rubbed the different colours into the different piles of salt individually until they turned that colour. The longer you did it, the more vibrant the colours became.
We then tipped the five piles carefully back into the jar creating coloured layers and placed a cotton wool ball on top to hold it all in place and put the lid back on.
It was an emotional and at the same time very therapeutic process giving us the chance to explore and communicate our feelings about someone special to us who has died and create something beautiful to remember that person by.
This is something I often do with bereaved children or adults who are having a hard time coping with loss.
I still have mine and have decided to share it on this blog.

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